Video: Agriboss fodder beet bucket

Check out this video of the Agriboss fodder beet bucket in action on a farm in South Canterbury.

Peter and wife Janina started their company KCL Engineering Ltd in 1996, focusing mainly on mobile welding and repairing and maintaining heavy machinery such as earthmoving, mining and forestry equipment. Based out of northwest Auckland, Peter had always enjoyed the challenge of problem solving and improving a wide variety of machinery.

The Beetboss

  • The design of the tips and the skids under the bucket enable the Beetboss to be used on the tractor in float mode without relying on operator skill to avoid the tips digging into the soil.
  • When the Beetboss is tipped back, the beet is tumbled back allowing most soil to fall through, promoting a clean harvest and minimal soil contamination.
  • The Beetboss fodder beet harvesting bucket is the first Agriboss product to be marketed under the Agriboss umbrella, with more implements to come featuring the same quality, strength, innovation and reliability.
  • The Beetboss comes in standard widths of 2.6m, 3.0m or 3.5m to fit differing horse power tractors. The 3.5m-width allows use by tractors with dual wheels without danger of running over crops and is designed to efficiently harvest a wide run.
  • Beetboss comes standard with Euro hitch attachment points, but can be customised to other hitches if requested.

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