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The powerful T7000 Auto Command series from New Holland sounds like a beast, yet cab technology allows you to work in peace

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  • Smooth responsive CVT transmission
  • SideWinder II arm rest with push button control panel attached
  • High oil flow at 120L/min standard and 150L/min available
  • Intelliview III monitor
  • Excellent visibility courtesy of the four pillar cab design and large mirrors
  • Exceptionally quiet, uncluttered cab

The New Holland T7050 Auto Command sits in the middle of the T7000 Series five tractor line-up.

It was labelled as the more innovative successor of the TVT/T7500 series, and it did not disappoint due to the complexity of the technology together with how simple it is to operate.

The layout is practical and the controls are grouped logically and are conveniently located on what is called the “SideWinder II” armrest.

There are three main tractor configurations. Our T7050 test tractor was spec’d with 50km transmission, “Terraglide” front suspension and “comfort ride” cab suspension. The other option is the 40km version with suspension standard on all models.

The model that will impress arable farmers and contractors alike, is the SuperSteer option – the only tractor on the market equipped with a CVT transmission and a turning angle of 65 degrees.


The test T7050 gets New Holland’s six-cylinder NEF engine complete with common rail electronic fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. This 6.72-litre engine is found in all five T7000 Auto Command models.

The T7050 test tractor produces 197hp at 2200rpm, and with New Holland’s engine power management peaks at 234hp. This is an impressive 37hp boost when needed to keep consistent power whether you are ploughing, power harrowing or pulling a loader wagon.

The overall weight of the tractor for the power ratio is a low 29kg/hp.

Inside the cab

The cab is open and uncluttered, extremely comfortable and well laid-out, and amazingly quiet.

Our test tractor was equipped with the new “Intelliview III” touch-screen monitor, which has proven extremely successful in the CR9000 combine harvesters and is stacked with useful information. Located on the left-hand side of the screen, it shows driving functions and transmission settings, engine performance and load, wheelslip, fuel usage and hydraulic flow and time settings – just to name a few.


My favourite feature of the tractor was the CommandGrip joystick, which has been adapted from the FR9000 series forage harvesters. It is very easy to run the entire tractor from the joystick once you’ve set up headland management sequences, remote and transmission settings.

The transmission itself is available in 30m/h-40km/h ECO and 30m/h-50km/h ECO options. Economy is the key word here, with these two options able to reach their top speed at just 1450 and 1550rpm respectively.

Auto Command can be operated in one of four modes (the first three modes are very similar in almost a “set and forget” fashion, where the tractor does the work for you). The options are: Auto Mode (which is the default setting), Cruise Mode, PTO mode, and Manual Mode.

Manual is my personal favourite because you feel like you’re always in control. By adjusting your engine revs via the foot throttle the speed can be adjusted by pushing the CommandGrip handle forward or backwards. This is all translated to the Intelliview monitor where your speed is shown on a bar graph, and by simply rolling your thumb wheel you can fine tune your speed for precision work in any of the three speed ranges.


With the impressive 150L/min hydraulic pump as standard along with a maximum lift capacity rated at just under 10.5-tonne, and with up to five rear remotes specified and a further four front-mounted remotes available, this should provide you with plenty of capacity. Two of the remotes can be controlled via the CommandGrip joystick or the by the four colour coded electronic SCV paddles on the SideWinder Armrest as standard.

The hydraulic remote valves each have individual flow control. Flow and timing to each valve can be individually adjusted using simple “pop-up” menus in the Intelliview screen.


PTO speed selection is easy and quick using the electronic dial near the rear of the cab on the right hand side. For economy, 540 and 1000E modes are available.

Auto PTO mode can be selected to automatically disengage the PTO as the rear linkage is raised above a pre-set point. This protects the PTO shaft and tractor. The system will also re-engage drive as the linkage is lowered.

Read an in-depth review of this tractor in the April issue of Farm Trader magazine, on sale now.

Brief Specifications

Rated power (kW/hp) 145/197 Displacement (cc) 6728 Transmission Auto Command™ Constantly Variable Transmission (50 kph ECO) Max torque – engine power management (Nm @ rpm) 965 @ 1600 Rated engine speed (rpm) 2200 Bore x stoke (mm) 104 x 132 Fuel tank (L) 412



Photography: Jaiden Drought

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