Video: Rata Beet Bucket in action

Check out this short clip showing the Rata Beet Bucket in action on a farm in South Canterbury.

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The team at Rata have kept the list of features low, instead focusing on strength.

Our test machine was a 2.6-metre, 1.4m3 430kg tare weight bucket, which is in the middle of the line-up with the smaller 2.4-metre 1.3m3 400kg and the largest being the three-metre 1.8m3 520kg bucket for the big tractors/telehandlers on more industrial set ups.

All feature 25mm solid bars for sifting the beet from the dirt, and a high tensile cutting edge for long lasting performance and a long bucket base to help keep the bucket level.

Read the full test in issue #234 of Farm Trader magazine; on sale now!

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