Video: Yamaha XTZ125 farm bike

We put the Yamaha XTZ125 farm bike to the test in the latest issue of Farm Trader. Take a sneak peek in this short video.

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With the words from ’80s rocker Jon Bon Jovi I’m a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride ringing in my ears, I have been putting the Yamaha XTZ125 through its paces. As I’m sure you will agree, a cowboy is nothing without a good horse, and the steel horse/motorbike has become the practical choice for many farmers throughout New Zealand.

With the frustrating spring weather we have been getting of late—more wind and rain, less sunshine and heat—I had no trouble finding suitable testing conditions around the dairy farm at Matamata to test the Yamaha XTZ125.

Read more in issue #236 of Farm Trader magazine.

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