Video: Fliegl TDK 110-88 tip trailer

Check out this short video of the impressive Fliegl TDK 110-88 tip trailer in action.

A good tip trailer usually makes the list of must-haves on most farms these days, once you have one, you tend to keep finding more jobs for it around the farm.

While there are good examples of tip trailers being built right here in New Zealand, there are also a wide selection of farm trailers being brought in from overseas with varying degrees of quality.

One such import, which offers up more than your average trailer, is the newly released Fliegl, brought in from Europe and sold and serviced by Landpower New Zealand. The Fliegl TDK 110-88 is an 11-tonne trailer which sits in the middle of the range that also includes an eight- and 14-tonne model.

These trailers are built to a very high European standard and are fairly unique due to their simple, easy to operate three-way tipping that comes standard.


Tipping is where the Fliegl differs from almost all other trailers. The deck hinges at the two rear corners on large ball ends which are captured in a pocket with a pin. When the rams extend, the trailer will tip to the rear like any other trailer.

To tip to the left or the right side, one of the pins that holds the ball end in the socket on the rear corner is removed and placed in a locking hole on the opposite front corner of the trailer to lock the front and rear corners on one side, and unlock the opposite corners so that when the ram is extended the trailer tips either to the left or the right depending on which pins are changed.

Cleverly, the left-hand rear pin will only fit in the right hand front hole and vice versa, making it virtually idiot proof. If a pin happens to be forgotten and left out then the trailer will tip safely to the rear.

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