Top Tractor video: New Holland TD5.90

Check out this video review of the New Holland TD5.90 from the Trans-Tasman version of our own annual Top Tractor Showcase.

At 3500kg, the New Holland TD5.90 is among the lighter tractors entered into the Trans-Tasman Top Tractor Shootout 2016. The 88hp utility loader tractor has the least horsepower of the bunch as well.

Its smaller stature and lighter weight may provide an advantage when it comes to manoeuvring its way around the tight confines of a dairy farm or smaller operation but may hold it back a bit when it comes to hauling heavy equipment or carrying multiple bales of hay and full buckets of dense material on the front-end loader.

The time trial course at this year’s event revealed some really interesting results on the New Holland. It excelled over the opposition in some areas and came up short in others.

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