Top Tractor video: Claas Arion 430 CIS

Jaiden Drought put the Claas Arion 430 CIS to the test in this year's Top Tractor Showcase. Check out this short video review...

Claas makes a big deal about the 50:50 weight distribution of their tractors, which you kind of dismiss as clever marketing. However, it is noticeable when you chuck eight un-ballasted tractors together to do loader work. The Claas felt stable, even as steady as the larger six-cylinder tractor and there is a good reason for this.

The Claas had an overall length 700mm shorter than the six-cylinder machine. However, the wheelbase was only 60mm shorter and this is exactly why it felt stable—four-cylinder manoeuvrability with six-cylinder stability. This combined with an excellent PTO performance, four spools, four-speed PTO, and electronic loader joystick, makes a compelling argument in favour of the tractor, given the price.

Read the full test in issue #237 of Farm Trader magazine.

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