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The new Vredo DZ5 platform forms a basis for newly developed, innovative machines offering a solution to anyone who needs to (re)seed professional grass seed or flower mixtures in the Fine Turf sector

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Stitch Compact

Vredo has developed the completely new Stitch roller for its DZ5 series, in the recently introduced Synergy compact. The double-disc principle is combined with this stitch roller seeding technique.

Stitching is sewing grass seed into the soil. By not using conical-shaped tips, but thin sharp tines, many small incisions (cuts) are made in the soil, thus better trapping the seed. A practical calculation shows that this machine delivers a 68% germination rate, which is significantly higher than the “dimple seeders” available in the market so far.

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With the Stitch Compact, Vredo has developed a seeder that allows two pendulum-suspended Stitch rollers to make 1600 incisions per square metre. The seed is broadly deposited in the interrupted cuts and guided into the soil. An even sowing pattern is formed due to the narrow row spacing of 17mm.

The machine is mainly intended for seeding when the recovery period of the grass is at its shortest, e.g. seeding between matches or in loose (rolled) soil when first seeding. As standard, the Stitch Compact is equipped with a smooth roller to further seal the cuts and ensure that the seed is well bedded in.

The machine also has a large seed hopper, a maintenance-free variator with seamless dosage adjustment, an accurate seed dosage for high efficiency and a standard weight carrier for applying more weight.

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