Will there be grass at Grasslandz 2016?

The question everyone is asking can now be answered in the affirmative. Yes, there will definitely be grass at Grasslandz 2016.

The grass crop is growing well with exhibitors demonstrating mowers, loader wagons, rakes and balers, giving the thumbs up to the renewed effort to provide a grass crop.

This year the Grasslandz team changed tact using a fescue and red clover seed mix as well as some sound agronomic advice from the team at Agricom. The site is looking a picture, and the long hot summer days ahead will provide plenty of growth which this crop responds to, unlike past attempts which withered in the heat. Add some support from ThinkWater and some water provided at timely slots and it looks like we have finally cracked it…there will be grass at Grasslandz 2016.

Visitors to this year’s Grasslandz event are in for two days of action packed machinery demonstrations. This year Grasslandz has introduced a new feature with the 2ha side by side ‘Ag in Action’ area also sown in grass. This is in a central spot beside the HQ tent and will provide the optional opportunity for exhibitors to demonstrate selected machines at times allocated alongside other brands of the same machine.

Further to the two-hectare side-by-side demonstrations, is another nine hectares of demonstration sites that have been taken up by returning exhibitors bringing mowers, loader wagons and round balers. Ground will also be cultivated, ploughed and disked by exhibitors bringing cultivation gear and drilling equipment. If you are in the market for effluent gear, there will be a number of umbilical systems on display pumping through dribble bars in a dedicated two-hectare effluent display area. Scoops will also be demonstrating, along other machines including trailers, feed out wagons, mixer wagons, effluent pumps and stirrers, effluent storage tanks, meal feeding, diggers and loaders and there will also be a quadbike/side by side test track.

The business alley is filling up too with exhibitors displaying items such as GPS equipment, fertiliser spreading machines, fuel supplies, insurance, seed and fertiliser, parts etc. Also of mention is the seven hectares of crop grown for the event, with a number of maize varieties, grass crops, brassicas and fodder beet all grown for the day, as well as soil husbandry on crop protection on display.

This is a huge and unique New Zealand event full of machinery demonstrations that runs over two days, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January from 8.30am to 5pm followed by a licenced bar and the tractor pull event which begins at 4pm and runs into the evening.

This year’s Tractorpull will have three sleds running side by side – see more information about the Grasslandz Tractorpull event on page 20 of the current issue of Farm Trader (#226).

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