Yamaha WR250F

Yamaha has fine-tuned its WR250F line over six years to produce a lighter and stronger bike

The WR250F line has been running since 2000 with its latest offering being the sixth model, so in six years there’s been a lot of refining. There have been the obvious additions, such as the electric start, but where Yamaha has invested a lot of its research is in the balancing of its bikes.
Every year, the 250 Trail/Enduro market becomes more and more competitive. Not so long ago, if you wanted high performance or something to haul the heavier of us around you had to look to the 400s or higher, but with the constant refining and advances in technology the new more powerful quarter-litre engines are proving to be more appealing to the wider market.

Coupled with lighter and stronger bikes, more riders are finding the 250s more appealing as they can now have a light, easy-to-handle bike with a heap of power.
A perfect example of this power is found in the WR250F. The water-cooled 249cc four-stroke engine with double overhead cams has five titanium valves and a strong-forged piston that can hit 13,500rpm.
The power delivery of this bike was similar to that of a Husqvarna 250F in that it pulls a lot harder at the top end, where the Yamaha differs is it seems to have a more useable power delivery. The transition from low/midrange to high end is smooth and controllable. This is a welcome attribute when riding in slippery conditions.

They may not be the lightest bikes in the class, but with each model they seem to become more balanced with their weight centralisation. An example of this can be seen in the movement of the oil tank to a lower position in the frame, by doing this the petrol tank could be moved forward and therefore moved the rider further forward.
As a result this is a really easy bike to ride, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to control and because it’s so well balanced it seemed to dance through tight trails with ease.

The engine breathes through a 37mm Keihin FCR flat-side carburettor. A quick throttle response is the result of a throttle position sensor that ensures a precise mix of fuel and air and a digital CD ignition system monitors engine speed to ensure optimal timing.
This power is transferred to the ground through a wide ratio five-speed transmission with a heavy-duty multiplate clutch. And touching that ground are Dunlop Enduro D908 tyres.

The front suspension has a Kayaba inverted telescopic fork with adjustable compression and rebound damping giving 300mm of travel. The rear has 305mm of travel from a Kayaba single shock with adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping and separate hi/lo speed compression adjuster.

The seat is a lot more comfortable than it looks, perhaps the result of the new multiple density foam. Designed for keeping the rider comfortable for several hours of riding this could also be a great commuter bike as it can come with all the equipment necessary to register it for the road.
So the WR250F may not be the cheapest Enduro on the market but you’d end up with a great bike with a proven track record. It probably wouldn’t suit the slower rider who likes to cruise but if you need to get around the farm and get there quickly this is the one for you. The kids will love it.
As for this dirty Yamaha it was returned with much thanks to Boyz Toyz in Porirua with a quick hose down bringing it back to its former glory.

Recommended retail is $11,995 or a road going version $12,995 +orc.

By Stephen Ross

Yamaha WR250F

Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 5-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke with titanium valves
Displacement: 249cc
Bore & Stroke: 77.0 x 53.6mm
Compression: 12.5 : 1
Carburation: 37mm Keihn FCR flat-side
Ignition: Digital CDI
Transmission: Five speed
Final Transmission: #520 O-ring Chain
Fuel tank: 7.9 litre
Length: 2190mm
Width: 830mm
Height: 1290mm
Seat Height: 975mm
Clearance: 370mm
Dry weight: 108kg
Suspension Front: 48mm Kayaba inverted telescopic fork; 300mm travel
Suspension Rear: Kayaba single shock; 305mm travel
Brakes Front: 250mm Floating Disc
Brakes Rear: 245mm Disc
Tyres Front: 90/90 -21 54R Dunlop D908F
Tyres Rear: 130/90 -18 69R Dunlop D908


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