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Digger Sales

31 Forge Road

Silverdale, Auckland

Digger Sales


Sale Price $6,500 Ex GST
Listing Type New
Stock Number S6
RefCode TA1209720


The original DiggerKnife (since 2008) is under new ownership. We are keeping the same quality and 100% guaranteed service.

This "innovative" excavator ripper which not only cuts tree roots and stump roots but also is an extremely versatile general purpose rock ripper is very efficient in most quarry situations from the Igneous rock Blue stone-Brown rock to the Sedimentary rocks Greywacke-Sandstone.

The blades are manufactured from Hardox 500 grade steel which ensures it will not bend, break, or chip, this super hard wearing material enables it to be machined to a very fine point and cutting edge. This in turn reduces the drag loading on the excavator and the fine entry point of the knife is able to penetrate small gaps and rock fischers to effectively cut / rip its way through most ground conditions.

The Diggerknife makes easy work of the hardest tree roots with its Saw like teeth along the leading edge cutting them off below ground level leaving very little ground disturbance except where the stump has been.

The Diggerknife used in conjunction with a Tilt Hitch enables the operator to remove a tree stump with even less trouble, he is able to cut down and under to get those big tap roots.

This listing is for a DiggerKnife to fit a 9 - 14 ton excavator - BW90-40 (900mm length).