Contractor profile: Birch Contracting

By: Shannon Williams

Based in Auckland, Birch Contracting specialises in working on all facets of the land, from preparing land and improving drainage to sowing grass and rotary hoeing


Led by owner-operator Paul Birchenall, the company is a shining example of dedication and excellence in land development and maintenance. Established in 2008, Birch Contracting has earned a reputation for delivering top-notch lawn mowing services and maintenance throughout the Auckland region.

Paul’s vision extends beyond conventional structures; it revolves around the creation of landscapes that not only endure but also flourish.

"The standard of service we offer is based on being professional, reliable, and hard-working," Paul says.

"Our management oversight capabilities are excellent, as is our communication, and we offer competitive prices, too. Plus, our policy on pricing focuses on being transparent, honest, and fair."

The Bomag roller adding finishing touches

The accomplishments of Birch Contracting stem not only from its services but also from a deliberate investment in top-tier machinery and proactive engagement in industry organisations, such as Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ).

Importance of modern equipment

In the competitive landscape of contracting, the importance of high-quality machinery cannot be overstated. Modern equipment is the backbone of efficiency, productivity, and success in operations. It plays a pivotal role in driving tasks with precision and speed, contributing to the timely completion of projects.

Paul emphasises the significance of reliable and advanced equipment, stating, "Good, well-maintained machinery is hassle-free work. It provides good value for money, keeping us in contact with clients and ensuring reliability."

The Kubota M7-2 Deluxe is one of the newer purchases

The machinery used by Birch Contracting reflects a commitment to quality and efficiency. The fleet includes a 5.5-tonne Hyundai purchased in 2008, showcasing the company’s longevity and reliability. The acquisition of a new Kubota M7-2 Deluxe and a 4.3-tonne double drum BW 138 AD-5 Bomag roll exemplify their dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. The Duncan ECO SEEDER, a 16-runner machine, demonstrates versatility, especially on uneven ground. A three-metre-wide tyre roller tow behind the drill further adds to the company’s capabilities.

For Paul, good machinery is not just about operational necessity; it’s a strategic investment that propels contracting businesses towards sustained growth, client satisfaction, and excellence in their respective fields. Modern equipment, with its precision, accuracy, and built-in safety features, not only enhances worksite safety but also reduces downtime and minimises maintenance expenses, contributing to long-term cost savings.


Helping shape rural landscapes

Birch Contracting specialises in a comprehensive range of services, including paddock topping, regrading and rolling metal driveways, subsoiling, creating mole drains, grass sowing, land clearing, and rotary hoeing. Paul describes the company’s focus: "Our customers choose us because of the standard of workmanship we deliver, as well as the standard of service. Our emphasis on professionalism, reliability, and hard work sets us apart from the competition."

The range of services Birch Contracting offers speaks to its commitment to holistic land development and maintenance. Paddock topping services focus on the long-term health of paddocks and sustainable land management. Regrading and rolling metal driveways extend beyond maintenance, emphasising durability and longevity. Specialised subsoiling and mole drainage services are tailored solutions addressing unique land requirements.

A finished driveway

Direct drilling, the ideal grass-sowing method, reflects a commitment to minimal soil disturbance, erosion protection, and cost-effective results. Land clearing services are not just about removing obstacles; they are about transforming landscapes for practical use and aesthetic appeal. Expert rotary hoeing services optimise conditions for crop growth, reducing soil crusting and minimising compaction for sustainable land use.

The in-house team at Birch Contracting are not just skilled workers; they are partners in the commitment to excellence. Project management skills ensure that every project is executed with precision and attention to detail. Safety is paramount in every aspect of the company’s work, ensuring the well-being of the team and clients. Fair and honest pricing underscores transparency and client satisfaction.

Improving draining and preparing land are part of the Birch Contracting services

Paul says the success of the business is attributed both to the quality of its services and to the core values that underpin its operations. Over the years, the company has evolved to meet the changing demands of the industry. While economic factors have led to fluctuations in work volume, the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has remained unwavering.


Paul acknowledges the importance of staying updated with industry trends, saying, "It’s important to belong to organisations such as Rural Contractors New Zealand, as it helps the business keep up to date with the continuous changes in agriculture and the wider industry."

Birch Contracting’s involvement with RCNZ holds particular significance for the company. Paul says belonging to a member organisation like RCNZ is not merely a formality but a strategic investment with multifaceted benefits.

The business operates around the Auckland region

"The advantages of industry advocacy, access to expertise, networking opportunities, regulatory compliance support, collective problem-solving, and enhanced credibility make RCNZ membership an essential component for contractors aiming for sustained success in the dynamic and challenging rural transport industry," Paul says.

He encourages prospective clients and other businesses in the industry to observe the significant difference that expertise, reliability, and a client-centric approach can bring to contracting. Birch Contracting, dedicated to creating lasting landscapes, embodies the fundamental principles of modern contracting.

The 5.5T Hyundai more than earns its keep

The company’s journey, characterised by purpo​seful investments in high-quality machinery and active involvement in industry organisations, serves as a motivating example for contractors aspiring to achieve sustained success in the ever-changing field of land development and maintenance.

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