AGCO showcase 2017

By: Jaiden Drought, Photography by: Jaiden Drought

The latest line-up of Massey Ferguson, Valtra and Fendt tractors were revealed by AGCO at a recent showcase in Feilding. These tractors were also on display at NZ National Fieldays and proved a drawcard.

AGCO recently showcased its lineup at event in Feilding and Farm Trader’s Jaiden Drought headed along to report on the action.


Massey Ferguson 5700 – Global series tractors

Many will have fond memories of the 300 series Massey Ferguson tractors during the 90s, where the no-nonsense approach was a hit with the dry stock and dairy farmers.

Here, in the 5700 series is the first real replacement for those wanting a basic machine with few ‘things to go wrong’.

The 5709 92hp machine and 5710 102hp machine cater for that market.

Now available with a cab to keep the elements at bay, the trusty AGCO 4.4L engine and wet clutch 12x12 transmission is a great entry/second machine for farmers.

Massey Ferguson 5700 SL Series


As if tractor manufacturer’s model numbers weren’t confusing enough, Massey has two completely different tractor series with the same name apart from the SL behind it.

Here we have the ‘Gucci’ version of the 5700 series for the discerning farmer who likes a more bells and whistles approach to tractor work.

These Beauvais (France)-made machines have the best loader visibility on the market (in my opinion).

The 100–130hp 4 model 5700SL series is fitted with the AGCO Power 4.4L common rail injected engine.

This also uses four valves per cylinder, and SCR to meet Tier 4 regulations. Transmission offerings will be familiar to the MF hardcore with either the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 option.

A 5.2-tonne rear lift capacity and 58 litres, 100 litres (combined flow), or CCLS 110 litres min hydraulic flow allows different options for loader ready machines with electronic or manual loader operation.

Three-speed PTO, up to four rear spools, front hitch and PTO as well as front suspension and cab suspension options, round out this high spec’d good looking and comfortable four-cylinder machine.

Valtra N&T series


Enough credit isn’t given to the N (four-cylinder) and T (six-cylinder) Valtra range of tractors where exceptional build quality meets design flair.

The most notable is the ‘Sky View cab’. While not the biggest cab on the market, the way it almost bulges through the middle and narrows at the top gives the feeling of a spacious operating environment.

The five-pillar design gives great views to the right and the left-hand door is easy to operate.

Built to cope with the demands of the forestry industry in its native homeland Finland, the cast chassis and full belly plate (as standard) make this a great machine for a range of applications.

Massey Ferguson 6700 Series


The 6700 series MF is the first of two ‘world leading machines’, with the new
6718S the first four-cylinder machine to deliver 200hp.

Externally, much like the 5700 SL, the 6700 series doesn’t look that different from the previous model.

However, under the bonnet, the 4.9-litre engine from AGCO Power is Stage 4 compliant using SCR and a DOC, without the need for DPF or EGR.

There are six models in the 6700 family, ranging from the 120hp 6712 (only available with a Dyna-4 gearbox) to 175hp.

The two top models can have either Dyna-6 or Dyna-VT transmission options.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the 6718S, so I had to settle for the 6713,but the range-topping machine is a feat of engineering.

Rated to 185hp with maximum boosted to 200hp, the compact 2.67m machine offers the same power with 500kg less weight than the 7718 six-cylinder equivalent.

In terms of hardware, the linkage lifts 9.6 tonnes, optional hydraulic output is up to 190 litres per minute from up to five spools and four-speed PTO round out a list of options, which also include telescopic heated mirrors, FL/Pto, 50km front/cab suspension, plus many more.

Fendt 1000 Series


Whether you like tractors or not, there is something about big machinery that draws the crowd. Maybe I just think that because I like tractors but this thing is impressive.

Five hundred ponies from a conventional tractor configuration is a massive undertaking and everything about this machine is big.

Underneath, the huge bonnet (so big it needs a CCTV to see the linkage) is an equally massive six-cylinder, 12.4-litre MAN engine (massive compared to the 7.8 litres 900 series engine), complete with a variable turbocharger allowing the ‘Fendt iD’ – high torque/low-speed concept.

The Fendt 1000-series has four models, 380hp 1038Vario, 420hp 1042 Vario, 460hp 1046 Vario, and the flagship 500hp 1050Vario.

We were among a select few to see the first 1000 series in the country with the 1042 model.

Stature-wise the brute measures 6.35-metre long, 3.6-metre high, 2.95-metre wide. The machine has 14-tonne kerb weight and 21-tonne gross weight dripping wet.

The 400kW TA400 VarioDrive trans allows this machine to storm along at 60km/hr at a measly 1450rpm, 40km at just 950rpm.

Lift is 5.6 tonnes up front and 12.9 tonnes at the back. There are three different hydraulic packages – 169 litres per minute, 228 litres per minute, and an eye-watering 430 litres per minute (two load sensing pumps, 230L/min and 210L/min, each with separate circuits.

After clambering up to the cab, anyone who has driven a modern Fendt will feel at home.

The most notable feature is the one that is missing: the I/II travel range selection is gone in favour of one range and a comfortable four-point cab suspension is now the business.

Vario Grip tyre pressure adjustment on the move is great for both reducing soil compaction in the paddock and reducing tyre wear on the road.

The unique four-wheel-drive system on the 1000 series has the Vario’s second hydro motor mounted on the four-wheel-drive shaft.

As the oil can flow freely to both VarioDrives motors, this gives more of an all-wheel drive function and one less thing for the operator to worry about, it even disengages itself above 25km/hr.

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