EuroTier 2018 Innovations: Delaval Evanza milking cluster

Faster milk flows and improved teat conditions are just two of the benefits of the new DeLaval Evanza milking cluster and cartridge liner combination

This new cluster is the first one in the world to use a cartridge liner which is simply replaced by twisting it open and again to close. The combination was released at the recent EuroTier show held in Germany.


DeLaval say farms that tested the new cluster system found increases in milk flow of up to nine percent, higher yields of up to five percent and reduced milking time by up to seven per cent.

The new DeLaval Evanza milking cluster can be used on any conventional milking system such as stanchion systems, parallel parlours, herringbone parlours, tandem parlours and rotaries.

The cartridges are made of rubber and are completely recyclable.

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