Stocks Ag new ISOBUS-compatible control system

Stocks Ag has extended the capabilities of its ISOBUScompatible i-CON control system to run four applicators simultaneously


In response to customers’ needs for one-pass machinery, up to four i-CON-controlled applicators can be connected through a single terminal or through the tractor’s own screen.

An ISOBUS ‘bridge’ module connects the applicators directly to the tractor’s ISOBUS socket. Connecting to the tractor’s screen simplifies the operation and eliminates the need for multiple control boxes and GPS receivers. The system can rely on the tractor’s GPS and task controller unit. Should the tractor’s screen be unavailable, an additional terminal can be supplied.

The ISOBUS bridge module connects the applicators directly to the tractor’s ISOBUS socket

The i-CON control of each applicator automatically maintains a pre-set target application rate even when the forward speed varies. Adjustments in application rate can be made on the move as required.

"A growing number of customers are looking for precisely metered, accurate application of more than one product in a single pass as part of the cultivation process," says Tim Farrow, Stocks Ag’s technical director.

Examples of multiple product applications include combinations of OSR, fertiliser, and slug pellets, or cover crops drilled with at least two seeding units to accommodate different-sized seeds.

In a typical seeding operation, the drill would use two of the four available channels, leaving two channels available for a pair of supplementary applicators.

"Combining product applications gives farmers greater versatility and flexibility. Reducing the number of passes needed to apply product saves on fuel, time, and labour costs, putting those savings back into farmers’ pockets," says Greg Moore, Norwood imported product manager.

Applicators that can run simultaneously include the Turbo Jet, Fan Jet Plus, Fan Jet Mini, and Rotor Meter.

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